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La Casa de Miguel Ayala

Miguel Ayala

Did you ever wonder where we came from?  That was on my mind for quite a long time but I found out.  Now my quest is to find out who I come from.  I have Ayalas on my paternal and maternal lines.  This blog deals principally with my maternal Ayala line.  My other blog, deals with my paternal Ayala line.  My Ayala ancestry intrigues me as I have it on both sides of my family.  The earliest maternal Ayala ancestor I know of is Miguel Ayala.  He was married to Francisca Ortiz.  I have not yet found Miguel’s place of birth nor where he and Francisca married.  I was told by a relative that Miguel Ayala was born in Maritas, Guanajuato, Mexico.  I think Francisca was born in Santiago, Angamacutiro de la Union, Michoacan, Mexico, but I have yet to find documentation of her place of birth.  I assume that Francisca died in Mexico as there is no evidence that she lived in the USA with Miguel.  All of their children, Maria Ignacia Blasa, Jose Bartolome Emiterio del Rosario, Tiburcio Atonacio, Elodia and Je. Juan Geronimo were born in Michoacan, Mexico.  The two that I know lived in the USA are Tiburcio Atonacio and Jose Bartolome Emiterio del Rosario.  I would like to hear from you if you are related to these, my ancestors, or if you have any information that may lead me to know more about them.  I have a good amount of information on those who were born in the USA who are descendants of Tiburcio and Rosario.  I know nothing of the families of Maria Ignacia Blasa or Elodia.

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