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Sharing my research with my son and his family

Jeff and the Oregon Connection

Spent a lovely afternoon this Veteran’s day with my son and his family sharing with them my research of the Gonzales and Ayala family lines.  It was great going over with them the love I have for building our Family History.  I hope to instill in them and anyone else the importance of connecting our lineage.

As I go over our family charts with our extended family at our Ayala-Gonzales Family Reunions held every three years in Visalia, California, I can feel the sense of pride that comes over my cousins and their children as they find their names and how they connect to La Familia.   Our ancestors suffered great hardships as they made their way from Zacatecas and Michoacan, Mexico to the USA in the early 1900’s.  They came to escape the agrarian revolution led by Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata in search of a peaceful land where their children could grow up without fear of war.

That dream was dampened a bit when some of our relatives were told to sign up for the draft, as America had entered into World War I, following the German attacks on the Lusitania and the Sussex, both passenger liners traveling in neutral waters.  I don’t know if any of our relatives actually fought in WW I.  However, the record shows that they were signed up for the draft.  Never-the-less, their children did, in fact, fight in WW II.  In a future post I will introduce you to my uncle, Ramiro Zamora, a most decorated veteran.


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